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Bug#300706: debian sarge (debian-installer system) dvdrom and floppy issues

Hi Christian
Thank you for your response.

I have udevd proces running, I just have the debian sarge defaults
Known issue :-(
Package "udev" will get installed with the "desktop" task.
This can break things on "/dev".
To fix this you have to at least reboot after installation once more.
There is currently work in progress on this issue, so could you try a daily
build, or at least RC3 (when out) and report back?

I have not heard of this "desktop" task, would you be able to direct me to some documentation about it please?

I have rebooted several times since instalation.

Sorry I do not have time to re-install with RC3, it has taken weeks to get the system to a state I am happy with, I would rather not loose that.

I wonder if you could explain the RC3 revisions to me which might fix the SATA / IDE DVD-Writer problem I am experiencing please?

My CD/DVD-Writer was not identified by debian-installer.  So I manually
< ... >
Ok, sorry not to include that info in my first post.  I did not know
ide-scsi is deprecated, all my  google searches uncovered suggestions to
use ide-scsi.  Could you direct me to some info which tells me a better
way to set up my IDE NEC CD/DVD writer please..?
To get better SATA support you have to install with "linux26" or "expert26"
on the installation boot prompt, instead of only pressing <Return>.

Could you try this also and report back?

This is how I did the install in January. As the netinst ISO did not setup an optimal kernel, post install I switched to 2.6.8-2-k7

Kind regards
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