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Bug#303812: net ok at stage 1, absent after reboot

(followup to installation report on a earlier, partly private, exchange)

On Thursday 07 April 2005 22:07, Charles Kaufman wrote:
> I did it again, twice,  and neither time could it find the
> network on its own. I ran dhclient from tty2 and, with more
> confidence now, backed through the installer screens
> and it did then find the network, as it evantually had done
> the first time.
> But during neither of these was I asked whether I was going to
> have a permanent internet connection, as I (think!) I remember
> being asked during the first install.

I assume the installer finds and configures your 3com card OK in first 

Next, it will always try to configure your network interface using DHCP. 
If that fails (e.g. because there is no DHCP server available), it will 
ask the user if he wants to manually configure the interface with a 
static IP address.
There is no question about "permanent internet connection" in those words.

If you sometimes see this question and sometimes don't, that may mean that 
your DHCP server is slow to respond or unreliable. That could also maybe 
explain the problems you have after the reboot.

As already asked, please send us the contents of the file
/etc/network/interfaces as it is create by the installation procedure.


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