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Bug#303510: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#303510: d-i install report)

Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:

I created my mirror of the Debian archive using the option --dist=3Dsar=


the man page recommends not using testing as it is unpredictable).  The
is that when I pointed APT at the local copy of the archive on the
it choked since the testing->sarge symlink did not exist.  This seems
like it
would be trivial to fix to have the installer look for both. before
the sources.list.

Well, the code in apt-setup expects a fully functional mirror, so I
guess that there is very little chance that this is implemented.

Maybe a modification to debmirror is order then.  The description from
the man page seems to indicate that you get a fully function mirror (at
least for the part you download):

       This program downloads and maintains a partial local Debian
mirror. It
       can mirror any combination of architectures, distributions, and sec-
       tions. Files are transferred by ftp, and package pools are fully
       ported. It also does locking and updates trace files.

If you agree, I will file a minor bug against debmirror.

Also, I had manually configured the network interface since I was perfo=


the install while not connected.  The installer automatically tried to =


security updates (without asking first) causing me to have to Ctrl-C th=


or wait for each request to time out.  This is probably not a good thin=


This is a feature. Adding security updates is optional but the
question is asked at medium priority, so this is forced on default
installs. This is a design choice to minimize the number of questions
asked to users.

That seems rational.  My question is, does the installer try to download
security updates even if the network interface(s) configuration is
skipped?  In my case, I chose to configure the network while not
connected.  If that caused problems while trying to download the s.d.o
updates, then I caused it myself.  However, I did not try the install
skipping the network config entirely.  If the download is still
attempted even without a configured a network, then that may be
considered a bug.  Though, I am not sure how the logic works without a
configure network interface present.

Given that this install report is a complete success report, I do as
usual with successful install report=A0: I close the bug..:-)

This does not of course mean you weren't right to report. Knowing the
installations are correct is important for the d-i team.

Many thanks for yourtime testing the Debian Installer and reporting
your results. Have fun with your new Debian system!

Roberto C. Sanchez

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