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Bug#303510: d-i install report

Frans Pop wrote:
Just some additional comments.

On Thursday 07 April 2005 06:44, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

Going back to an installation off the network, I had previously
downloaded the various MS fonts that are downloaded by the
msttcorefonts package (from sourceforge).  I epxected to be able to
tell msttcorefonts during the configure stage that I had already placed
the files on the hard drive, but I got no such option.

This is also probably due to the question you expected only being asked at
lower priority.

The installer can be booted with parameter "debconf/priority=medium". I
think this would have solved your networking issues.


OK.  That explains it.  On my other systems, I have the debconf priority
set to low (call me paranoid :-).  As I have not fresh installed a
system in a very long time (I am installing several computers now that
were donated to my church), I had forgotten what it was like to work on
a system that was not perfectly customized to my specs :-)


Roberto C. Sanchez

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