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Re: Status of the sarge branch?

Quoting ^pi^ (pi@beobide.net):

> We are making some changes in the basque translation (we are changing some definitions). We hope finish tomorrow, we are working in packages/po/eu.po file. 
> Is very late to insert it in sarge ? And if we make changes in "litle" files ?

I'm not sure and this is indeed why I asked the question. In fact, I'm
pretty sure that Joey's answer will be "it depends"..:-)

Some packages will *maybe* be rebuilt for the final release of
d-i....but certainly not for l10n reasons. So, changes may end up in
released packages...or not.

The chance that they go in sarge are indeed very little (near
NULL). You now work for post-sarge...and I intend to announce this
ASAP when we will have discussed the way the sarge branch will be

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