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new parted unstable releases ....


As sarge is mostly frozen, i have plans to do new parted 1.6.22 and beyond
uploads, which do not break api or abi, so there should be no major problem.

I hear 1.6.21 is now securely in testing, and is the one used for d-i, so i
should be free to do a unstable only upload, which should not be migrated to
testing unless the RMs and joeyh think it is a good idea.

I understand there is some articial problem in doing new uploads to unstable
for packages that produce .debs, but i don't know, now that rc3 is declared
final, if this still applies or not, but i would really appreciate that the
d-i build system gets fixed and that sarge release candidate d-i's get built
from sarge .udebs, in order to not cause additional burden on maintainers in
their daily work on packaging. As vorlon so aptly told me earlier : 

  What I do demand is the same thing that the constitution demands of
  everyone -- if you're going to do things in Debian, don't do them in
  a way that obstructs the work that other people are trying to get done.

And i feel that the current d-i building .udebs out of sid, is an obstruction
of my packaging effort on parted, so i demand, together with vorlon and the
constitution that it ceases :)


Sven Luther

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