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Re: installation of locales (particularly CJK locales) by the installer / tasksel

On Κυριακή 03 Απρίλιος 2005 09:43, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > manually treak the configuration files (such as firefox) so that
> > it can look up the correct fonts and print Chinese correctly)
> This should be discueed with the localization-config package
> maintainer. But firefox is not installed by default.
> > manually treak the X windows configuration files so that it is
> > aware of the existance of SCIM
> Obviously belongs to localization-config as long as the related
> packages are installed by tasksel.

FWIW, there is still time to do this, if you tell me the configuration 
options needed for X, I plan to do a l-c upload soon with some bug 
fixes, and I'd be happy to have these locales supported as well.

Tony, I'd like the following info from you:

console keymaps (for CJK, if available)
locales used (please make as full a list as possible)
Xkb options (namely, XkbRules, XkbLayout, XkbModel, XkbOptions, 
configurations for GNOME/KDE (what is needed in the kderc for example)
Mozilla, Firefox configuration files options (I could do that, if only 
for CJK setups, because at least Firefox is automatically localized 
I can also do fontconfig post configuration in /etc/fonts/local.conf 
(which I already do for greek).
What else would you like to see?


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