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Bug#302584: Problems with the hppa installer-manual

Package: debian-installer-manual

I just took a little time to review the sarge installation manual
at http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/hppa/ .
It's a big improvement over the woody one!
I do have some nits I'd like fixed before release:

2.1.3 currently reads:

> The newer AGP video slots are actually a modification on the PCI specification, and most AGP video cards work under XFree86.

Just delete that line, it's pretty much a non-sequiter.  Or maybe change
it to:

> Most AGP, PCI and PCIe video cards work under XFree86.

2.4.2 should read something like:

2.4.2. RAM for PA-RISC machines

HP has sold a wide variety of RAM for PA-RISC workstations and servers.
It is generally not compatible with RAM used in other architectures and you
should only use RAM that is specifically designed for PA-RISC machines.

(to be honest, 2.4.2 is probably bad even on i386 -- who uses SIMMs
these days?)

3.2 doesn't make much sense for PA-RISC.  You can't share the hard drive
between HPUX and Debian, so you need to find a second drive if you want to

3.6 also seems pretty incongruous

4.3 says "In the examples in this section, we shall provide commands
for SunOS 4.x, SunOS 5.x (a.k.a. Solaris), and GNU/Linux."

I see no Solaris examples

5.2.1 isn't an issue as we have no floppy support


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