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Bug#301461: d-i rc3 installation report

On Saturday 26 March 2005 06:12, Mike Norton wrote:
> The installer worked well until I got to the DHCP network
> configuration.  I received a message that the DHCP configuration had
> timed out.  I've gotten this message before on my main system when
> testing d-i (rc 1 or 2, not reported).  Tried again, but no luck.  I
> would do this manually, but I don't know how.  The installer didn't
> give me an option for changing the timeout.  I've used DHCP on this LAN
> before, but have reason to believe the router (SMC 7004VWBR) is slow to
> respond.

Your best option is just to keep on retrying.
If you have another system (or working installation (Windows?) on the same 
machine) that has the network configured, you can try to copy the 
settings from that an use those for manual configuration.

Please reply to this email with the result.

> As much as I want to support Debian, I'm a bit put out about the bug
> reporting procedure.  Is there a good way to report bugs without
> sending email info?  Would it be feasible to allow the installer to
> prepare the above information, and allow users to just save it and
> annotate it before sending?

Nope, you're stuck with sending emails.


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