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Re: kernel security upgrades

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [050327 20:35]:
> Or, the generic solution would be to update update the udeb now in a way
> that it always downloads an appropriate meta-package (yes, that would be
> quite many meta-packages), so that we can can update the kernel and just
> update the meta package, and get the right mapping?

If I understood the comments in base-installer/kernel/README correct,
only the architectures with shell scripts that use KERNEL_ABI have this
problem? If this is true, we only have it on hppa and s390, and in this
case, I think we should be able to fix that pretty fast.

That would allow us to update the kernel debs without breaking any
installer, if we still provide all udebs.

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