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Bug#301654: ASUS - K8N-E Deluxe Install Report (using /debian-installer/2005-03-24) / Package: debian-installer

On Sunday 27 March 2005 16:25, Remi Butaud wrote:
> I was wondering why the initial
> kernel didn't have the forcedeth module instaled or whether it was a
> problem with the detection of the nForce 3 controler.

The problem is that the forcedeth controller is not listed as a PCI device 
and therefore is not autodetected by the installer.
We've seen more reports of this issue.

> Here is the automatic grub generated menu.lst I'm not sure about the
> (hd1,0)

The GRUB entry for Windows itself is correct. 
(hd1,0) means "on the second harddisk in the system, the first partition".
You may need to experiment a bit with the hd(1,0) setting and your BIOS 
settings for the controller to get Windows to boot again, but it should 
be possible. You can change the (hd1,0) from de GRUB menu by typing 
'e' (edit) twice, change the entry and then boot by pressing 'b'.

Can not really help in more detail.


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