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Kernel panic: No init found

Good Morning -

	We are befuddled and hope someone might be able to give us some direction.

We are unable to now boot, having some months ago successfully installed GNU/Linux Woody Ver. 3.0r2. We have installed successfully a number of programs using the apt utilities, including networking, apache, mozilla, and samba. The last program we were working with was WordPerfect 8 for Linux in late February. Since then we have been unable to boot and instead get the error message "Kernel panic: No init found."

Since then we have been working with our rescue floppy disks and with our CD disks [debian GNU/Linux i386 - 'Woody' 3.0r2], which we had purchased from www.AboutDebian.com. However, during this past month we have been unable to boot from our CDROM. The drive is connected by both the power & data cables and appears to operate properly when the unit is powered-up [the green light flashes].

	We are operating the following:

	VA Linux 2230 P3 2U FullOn 2x2 3x9G SCSI 650 MHz Server
	IDE ATAPI CD-540E 40X 128 kb cache

	We have searched Google & other sites for assistance but to no avail.

	Can someone give us some direction on this!  Thank you.

	<<  Earl Warren  >>

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