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rc3 and multi-ethernet cards

I tried to install sarge using rc3 to a 3-ethernet card PC.
At the 1st stage it reports:
  eth0: e1000 : on-board
  eth1: tulip   : PCI NIC
  eth2: e100   : PCI NIC
Then at the 2nd stage, it reports (dmesg):
  eth0: e1000
  eth1: e100
  eth2 tulip
Don't you think the consistency is crucial? I was enough lucky not to install 3 same NIC card; otherwise I may never notice the mix-up, and wonder why I cannot set up a PC router.

This 3 NIC setup enables me IP Masquerading, and backup internet connection.
  e1000: Gigabit LAN
  e100:   Backup dial-up internet
  tulip:   100Mbps WAN or Internet
Thus the consistency in assigning eth number is essential to avoid re-cabling, and re-configuring network settings after the initial installation.

Everything else the installation process went very smooth. Excellent effort has been made by the installer team. Thanks to you.

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