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Re: a kernel plan for sarge and beyond ...

Joey Hess wrote:
Suppose that sarge releases and you buy a copy of the official sarge
businesscard CD image for your wallet. Or you burn a set of floppies.

Now a security fix comes out, the kernel ABI is changed, and you try to
install using your old official sarge installation media. At this point,
with or without Andres's plan, you'll get a message that the installer
was unable to find any kernel module udebs matching it kernel on the
debian mirror.

Although, with Andres's plan, we don't even track ABIs anymore, so
perhaps the installer won't even be able to tell that the new udebs will
not work with it, and will just fail horribly later on instead of
displaying the error message.

How about using a system a la snapshot.debian.net so that downloading
module udebs will always be correct for any given installer image?

Just throwing out an idea...

Joshua Kwan

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