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Re: a kernel plan for sarge and beyond ...

Andres Salomon wrote:
> Right.  My suggestion doesn't address d-i issues.  We have two
> options, it seems; the modules that are downloaded from a debian mirror
> can either be versioned to support multiple ABIs (either by package name,
> or by including multiple versions of modules in the package)

This still requires tracking ABIs. As far as I can understand, your
suggestion was to give up on tracking kernel ABI changes between any
two uploads of the kernel.

> downloading module source along w/ a compiler, and building them during
> install.

Some third party modules may be necessary for things like disk drive
support or ethernet support. Before these are available, d-i has only an
initrd available; d-i already brely fits on lower memory machines (32 mb
or so); I hope you're not suggesting we run gcc there. Even a minimal
compiler seems like quite a stretch, even assuming it would work.

see shy jo

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