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Re: rc3 can't install previous sarge

Ok, thanks
So you mean, that to use the rc3 , i have to download the current sarge ( 21st March sarge ) ??

Frans Pop wrote:

On Thursday 24 March 2005 12:50, belahcene wrote:
however, the new rc3, coudn't install the sarge I downloaded 3 months
ago ( Dec, 2004).
have to download all the 14 CD. ( I use a local server to install in
all my machine of the lab).
does rc3 install only the newer release , which one ??

You seem to confuse a release of the installation system with a release of Sarge. RC3 is only a release of the installation system and uses whatever packages are in Sarge (testing) at that time.

You are mixing CD1 from RC3 with CD2-14 from December? That is very likely to fail... If you download a CD-set for Sarge, you generally have to download the whole set at the same time or else they won't be consistent with eachother. It is somewhat different for a Stable release (Woody at the moment), but for Sarge the CD sets may change every week.


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