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Bug#298702: Re-opening this (legitimate) bug

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> reopen 298702

FWIW, my probability of fixing a given bug on any pass over the BTS is
inversely proportional to the size and complexity of the bug report log.

New bug numbers are cheap. Please use them.

> tags 298702 wontfix

<shakes head in mute disbelief>

> - Frans says this is documented in the manual and, indeed, there is a 
> mention of it in the manual as a note:

Tasksel is not the installation manual. New bug numbers are cheap. Use

> - Tasksel could pull in Standard packages as a task (instead of having 
> aptitude do the job itself)

I'm already on record as planning to do this for etch.

see shy jo

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