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Bug#298702: Re-opening this (legitimate) bug

reopen 298702
tags 298702 wontfix

I don't thinks this bug should be closed even if it's not considered for 
sarge as this is a legitimate concern from a user. I was thinking about 
merging it with #301138 but I'll leave it open here.

There are several concerns here:

- Frans says this is documented in the manual and, indeed, there is a 
mention of it in the manual as a note:

"   Even if you did not select any tasks at all, any standard, important,
   or required priority packages that are not yet present on your system
   will be installed."

The note fails to mention _what_ those packages are and which can be safely 
removed from the system (i.e. development stuff, including dpkg-dev) as 
they are rarely used unless you, of course, develop stuff.

- Tasksel could pull in Standard packages as a task (instead of having 
aptitude do the job itself)

Just as a reminder for etch, this bug should remain open, IMHO. It might
also preven other users from re-reporting this same issue, which, BTW, has
happened in different bug reports already (in debian-installer). Feel free
to close it up again if you don't agree.



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