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installation via serial console on C3600 (hppa)


I've tried to install Debian with d-i rc2 on a HP C3600. Since I don't have a USB keyboard handy, I chose the path of minicom and the C3600's serial port.

I've never reached anything beyond "Searching devices..." (not even a welcome screen), neither with kernels 0/linux, 0/vmlinux32 nor 0/vmlinux64.

After asking a friend to lend me an USB keyboard, I could use d-i. So I have a problem with the serial port.

On the other hand, an installation with boot-floppies via serial console works for me.

I have to admit that I don't have much clue about d-i or the C3600, so I cannot say whether it's a real problem in d-i or just me not knowing what to do.

But since boot-floppies do work for me it's at least a regression in the sense "d-i ist more complicated" if not a real regression.


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