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Re: Sparc32 Floppy Availability

to bad Sparc won't be supported for sarge,
those Disk images are prety old, they have a 2.2 kernel.

I tried those, but they fail on making the system bootable.

and netbooting is a little hard to, cause I only have Windows machines,
and haven't found a RARP server for windows (yet)

I gues I have to dig into it a little further


Robin Harmsen

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Subject: Re: Sparc32 Floppy Availability

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005, Robin Harmsen wrote:

Is there any timeframe of when the Sparc32 Floppy(s) will be
available for download?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no plans to support sarge installation from floppies on sparc. You should be able to install woody (somewhat outdated stable release) for which floppy images are available
from any Debian mirror:


Alternatively, you can use netboot images linked from


to install sarge.

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