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Bug#300346: Installation Problem with Debian version 3.0r4

tag + woody

Yanming Wu wrote:
> Package: Installation
> Version: 3.0r4
>   I encountered an installation problem when I installed version 3.0r4. The
> problem happens like this:
> I finished the first round of installation and can boot to linux,  after
> that I need to do more installation, like setting root user account and
> normal user account, then one screen is to "Configuring Locale", including
> EN-US UTF-8. It is in this screen, I was stopped. After making a selection,
> there is no way for me to move the cursor to the "OK" button at the bottom
> of the screen in order to move to the next screen. So I can not continue
> with the installation process.
>   Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Yanming Wu
< cut >


What exactly is wrong when pressing the <tab>-key?
Do you get error messages?
Did you use the <tab>-key before?
On what platform are you?
What keyboard are you using?
Can you still switch to console F2?

Please note that problems with boot-floppies (= woody install system) won't
be fixed anymore, because "sarge" is getting stable soon.

Asking first on debian-user@lists.debian.org for help is the "normal" route
to go ;-)


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