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Bug#298595: it's a BIOS problem

> However, the default setting (-d 0x80) turned out to work OK on another
> machine, with a different motherboard/BIOS, with the very same USB stick.
> I see 2 options: 1) try upgrading the BIOS to the latest on the
> problematic machine (I have gotten permission from the University
> sysadmins to try to do it) 2) try a partitionless stick - maybe that one
> will be working, treated by the BIOS same way as a floppy works
> - but this would prevent me from carrying my needed stuff in my 2nd
>   partition (ext2) of the same stick...
> I'll report on this thread about the specific BIOS versions and the
> motherboard specs later on.

DOes this mean that, being indeed a BIOS problem, this bug report can
be closed...or not immediately?

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