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[D-I] Some translations for Choices in Select/Multiselect templates may be too long

A recent bug report for Norwegian translations of D-I (netcfg package)
has showed that in some cases, the translations for individual Choices
in Select or Multiselect templates may be too long.

The maximum length for these translation in the most common interface
(dialog interface with 8àx25 screens) is 65 columns. This means no
more than 65 characters for single-width languages (Latin-based and
cyrillic based languages) and....possibly less for double width
languages (mostly CJK).

I have added comments about this in POT and PO files and I'm in the
process of testing translations for this, thanks to a script by
Evguenyi Mescheryakov.

However, in the meantime, please all D-I translators check your
translations about this problem.

The relevant lines to check in PO files may be searched for by looking
for "65" in the PO files comments......

PS : this is too late for fixing this in D-I RC3. We will have to
live with it. The affected packages may be netcfg,
partman-basicfilesystems, lvmcfg and s390-netdevice.


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