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Thanks from CeBIT!


You probaly allready read my news from the CeBIT on planet [1], but
since I'm not sure all you guys are reading it, I just want to make
sure, that you get, what you deserve.

On this years Debian booth at CeBIT there were many guys, wo came by,
just to say thank you.  An estimation would be arround 375 [2].  I think
roughly one third thanked especialy because of the new installer.  That
would be, I should tell you circa 125 "Thank you" from our booth

Since I don't want to flood you, feel free to run "for x in `seq 1 125` ; \
do echo Thank\ you\! ; done" or something similar for yourself ;)

Yours sincerely,

  1: http://planet.debian.org/
  2: http://blog.schmehl.info/2005/03/16#day-7.2


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