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Bug#261100: concrete example of this bug being annoying to users

<argonel|work> i just realized i skipped over a potential bug when
installing, perhaps you folks know about it..
<argonel|work> i couldn't remember my parition assignments just before
the final reboot, so i went back into the partition menu entry to view
the list again. upon backing out, the installer insisted that i hadn't
completed the partitioning step
<argonel|work> so i went back into the partition menu to exit instead of
cancelling, and it erased everthing it had downloaded and left me with
empty partitions :)
<argonel|work> but it would let me start phase two after having done
this. it died with a black screen.
<joeyh> argonel|work: there is a bug in the bts about the partitioner's
annoying message about that.
<joeyh> I'll add your scenario as another reason why it should not do
<Kamion> stuff around partitioning isn't really that great at handling
arbitrary back-and-forth in the menu in general
<joeyh> true
<joeyh> but entering it and backing out is about as safe as you can hope
to get given that

see shy jo

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