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Please add xfonts-transcoded to the French task

Package: tasksel
Severity: normal

Quoting Pierre Machard (pmachard@debian.org):
> Hi di-team. 
> first of all, I am sending you this email because I do not know where I
> can repport the repport the problem I had to face up to.
> I was installing a Sarge for a friend of mine. I selected French and
> Desktop task I had problem with fonts and xfree. I would be great to add 
> xfonts-transcoded when a user want to install a desktop in French.
> feel free to reassign this resquest in the right place,

This belongs to tasksel....however i'm afraid that task changes at
this very point need *very* careful testing to have Joey's agreement.

And we probably need more details about what is broken and what is
not. I haven't seen evident brokeness during my tests....but, well, I
didn't daily use a freshly installed sarge system with only the
desktop task so I may have missed the issue.

Anyway, first let's submit a bug report about this to tasksel.

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