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Re: Sparc CD images: cramfs: wrong magic

On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 14:15, Joey Hess wrote:
> J. David Blackstone wrote:
> >   Has anyone successfully installed on any Sparc machine using recent
> >   current builds of the installer CD?  How about on a Blade 100?
> Yes, the current builds are have succeeded in the past week on both
> ultra 5 and some sparc3w2 machine (forget which one). The images seem
> fine, you're probably experiencing a silo problem.

joey, I tried the CD dated 2005-03-10 on a Sun Blade 100 and ran into problems with my keyboard (Sun Type 6 USB). I haven't seen a fix for that yet.

When I used the "No keyboard" option I could get to the point where the CD-ROM was not found (hardware discovery). If there's a driver for that, maybe the whole installation would work.

-- TT

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