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Sparc CD images: cramfs: wrong magic

  I'm trying to install ANY version of Debian on a Sun Blade 100.

  The ports status page (http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ports-status) states that the RC2 CD install images for netinst and businesscard images currently have an error that the filesystem is not included on the CD.  It states that the current images are working, however.

  But the error I'm getting seems to imply that the same problem exists in the current build.  Trying the current businesscard image, I get a statement in booting when the installer tries to mount the filesystem.  The first statement is "cramfs: wrong magic".  This is followed by a kernel panic with the stated cause being that the kernel is unable to mount the root filesystem.

  I found two references to this problem in the mailing list archives, with separate bug numbers:

  Has anyone successfully installed on any Sparc machine using recent current builds of the installer CD?  How about on a Blade 100?


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