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Re: Proposal to remove archs

> * CMD646 and ALI IDE drivers not working as modules in 2.4.27 kernel. The 
> CMD646 has been compiled in to partially resolve the issue, but it would 
> be nice to figure out why it fails.

Not a silo problem, right? Not sure about this one. I never tried it as a
module. Does it fail to see the device, or detects it and then fails
elsewhere (like disk detection)?

> * 2.6 netboot images not working on sparc32. Looks like it is corrupting 
> initrd in the process of moving it to the ramdisk.

I'll look into this. I have no sparc32 machine, so I don't have any way to
test though.

> * Annoying recurring keymap problems on the console and in X.

Sounds like something needs to make sure that on sparc, we don't touch the
keymap by default.

In 2.6 kernels, the sparc keymap is just the same as i386, where as in 2.4
the typeX keymaps can be used (although default kernel keymap works just

Again, not a silo problem, right?

> * Issues with USB keyboards (might be the same problem as previous one, 
> might be something different).

What issues? I have a Blade that uses USB and it seems to work fine. Note
that with USB keyboards, there's no way to drop back to OBP like with a
normal Sun keyboard. It's an issue that Dave hasn't been able to resolve
yet. Something about switching the USB keyboard back to OBP.

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