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Re: Proposal to remove archs

> I don't anticipate that d-i will remove support for any architecture as
> long as we continue to have enough people in d-i to support it. 
> For sparc we have Jurij and Joshk doing kernel stuff, Joshk trying to do
> silo stuff (but he could use some help), Joshk (sorta) and I (sorta)
> doing d-i build stuff, Frans Pop doing some installation report
> processing and user support, and various people doing testing. This is
> enough people to keep d-i working on sparc, but only just, and when
> someone gets busy with other stuff, the sparc port has suffered.

As the silo maintainer (upstream and debian package) I would have hoped to
be included in any problems with it.

Someone want to enlighten me on the issues affecting sarge?

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