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Bug#299074: Fw: Re: SunBlade D-I problems

> RC3 is not yet released. Anyway, I don't believe that this is an installer 
> problem. After looking at sample tree nodes and discover1 code I came to 
> the conclusion that detection fails because it does not handle correctly
> the situation in which there are multiple sbus nodes present in the root 
> of PROM tree. It only looks for (and scans for devices on) the first one 
> it finds. I am reassigning this report to dicover1 and will try to cook up 
> a patch for that.

That'd be the case. My system has four sbus nodes. The first one is empty
other than the socal. The hme and esp are located on the second and fourth

Let me know when you get something to test for this and I'll give it a go
on the 4500. Would prefer 2.6 netboot images.

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