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Bug#299074: Fw: Re: SunBlade D-I problems

retitle 299074 Only scans first node when multiple sbus nodes are present
reassign 299074 discover1

Hi Ben,

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Ben Collins wrote:

Maybe someone could have included me on this bug discussion.

Sorry about that. I've joined the discussion on debian-sparc and forgot to CC the bug.

I believe it is rc3, but it may be rc2 (when was rc3 released?). I do know
that I used 2.6 images, and maybe that it is the issue here. Is it
possible that the detection mechanism does not work with 2.6?

RC3 is not yet released. Anyway, I don't believe that this is an installer problem. After looking at sample tree nodes and discover1 code I came to the conclusion that detection fails because it does not handle correctly the situation in which there are multiple sbus nodes present in the root of PROM tree. It only looks for (and scans for devices on) the first one it finds. I am reassigning this report to dicover1 and will try to cook up a patch for that.

I'll agree that autoloading the modules isn't the best thing, but unless
the detection can be fixed, it may be the only solution.

Even something like:

if prtconf -v | grep -q SUNW,esp;
	modprobe esp

Would suffice. (note, that's a simple solution, there are other names that
esp comes under).

It's also possible that the above note is the problem. The 4500's use
SUNW,fas as the prom name of the esp scsi controller, but that wouldn't
explain the hme ethernet loading.

This name is already present in the discover1-data database of sbus devices.

Best regards,

Jurij Smakov                                        jurij@wooyd.org
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