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Re: tulip_cb support?

Walter Landry wrote:
> > The tulip_cb module is part of the nic-pcmcia-modules udeb.
> Well, after loading the drivers from the floppy, there is
> no tulip_cb.o in
>   /lib/modules/2.4.27-1-386/kernel/drivers/net/pcmcia
> Moreover, if I download
>   nic-pcmcia-modules-2.4.27-2-386-di_1.04_i386.udeb
> and unpack it, I don't see tulip_cb there either.  I see other
> drivers, but not tulip_cb.

Ah, I grepped for tulip_cd and didn't notice only xircom_tulip_cb came back.

There is no tulip_cb module in the 2.4.27 kernel. I assume you're
talking about a kernel module built from the pcmcia-cs package. Those
kernel modules are generally obsolete and we do not include them in the
installer. So far this has simplified things greatly for us without
seeming to cause any problems since the in-kernel pcmcia modules have
sufficied for pretty much everyone for years now. Also because the
pcmcia-cs kernel modules are no longer even being built in debian by the
pcmcia-cs maintainer. I can't find tulip_cb in any .deb in testing.

Are you sure that xircom_tulip_cb or some other module does not work?

see shy jo

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