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Bug#298581: Ethernet Card Detection Fail on 1.8MHz PowerMac G5 (netboot)

Francois wrote:
> There is no line ending with sungem in the above file.
> I've looked up the PCI device number (106b:0051)

Aha, that's the thing I was trying to get from devices.

> and it corresponds to
> the Shasta (Sun GEM) Ethernet Controller of Apple [1,2,3]. According to
> Benjamin Herrenschmidt, the kernel is missing the proper PCI ID for this
> particular chip (because it is quite recent). There are a few patches
> around [4] that I plan to try to build a kernel that will work on my
> machine. Apparently it has a similar chipset at the new iMac G5, so the
> same patches should apply.

Thanks for this research and investigation. Based on this I'll reassign
this bug to both the kernel as well as to discover (since it doesn't
know about this pci ID either).

see shy jo

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