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Bug#298581: Ethernet Card Detection Fail on 1.8MHz PowerMac G5 (netboot)

Francois wrote:
> The network hardware detection does not detect any ethernet card (though
> I've got one). I'm then asked by d-i to select a card type from a menu.
> I select sungem (Benjamin Herrenschmidt has confirmed me that all recent
> Apple machines have a sungem), but d-i brings me back to the card
> selection menu.

This looks like two separate bugs, we have a d-i bug that it does not
know what module to load for your ethernet card, and unforutnatly also
apparently a kernel bug in that it does not work with your ethernet

> lspci is not available, but here is an extract from /proc/pci (I don't
> copy everything, as I have no way to cut and paste from the console to
> my mailer ;o/  ):
> ------
> ~ # cat /proc/pci
> <snip/>
> Bus 3, device 15, function 0:
>   Ethernet controller: PCI device 106b:0051 (Apple Computer Inc.) (rev 0).
>     IRQ 40
>     Master Capable.  Latency=16.  Min Gnt=64.Max Lat=64.
>     Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0x80400000 [0x805fffff]
> <snip/>
> ------- 

What we really need is the line from /proc/bus/pci/devices that ends in
"sungem" after you've loaded the module. Without this info we don't have
enough data to add to the hardware detection database.

> If I try ifconfig eth0 though I get
> -------
> /usr/bin # ifconfig eth0
> ifconfig: eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
> -------

Is there anything interesting in dmesg at this point?

see shy jo

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