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Re: debconf5: d-i debcamp & workshop/talk

Holger Levsen wrote:
> Anyway, this mail is about debconf5 in Helsinki. At first, I want to
> bring the idea of a d-i workcamp before the "official" debconf on
> topic. debconf5 will happen from july 10th til 18th with a debcamp for
> teams working on specific topics preceding it.
> Since I hope/believe/think sarge will be released by then, IMHO this
> could be a great opportunity to work together on post-sarge designs,
> development goals and implemetations.

Even if sarge isn't released, post-sarge stuff is the only thing we can
expect to be working on by then. So yes, I think we should do this, and
I'm sure from the brainstorming at the Oldenburg meeting about what
people want to change post-sarge that we'll have a *lot* of things to
work on.

I've set up a wiki page for this. Please add your name, some things
you might want to work on during the helsinki, and amount of time.

> I've come to think about this, because this tuesday (in two days) the
> call for papers for debconf5 ends and I was thinking about talks and
> workshops I would like to give or attend. I would really like to see a
> talk or workshop there talking about a.) d-i design and pre-sarge
> development and b.) post-sarge design and development - so others can
> get a good overview how d-i has been done and how they could join d-i
> development.
> Please, someone ;-) submit this (or a similar) proposal for a talk or
> workshop! I would offer help in preparing the talk (and/or give the
> pre-sarge part of it).

I think it would be good to have multiple presenters unless there's some
big thing that someone wants to present in-depth. I'm not sure how we
could make it a workshop (90 mins), but if there's room for more than
one presenter in a 45 minute talk, I'd be happy to present 15 minutes
about either d-i basic design/history, or preseeding, or post-sarge plans.

see shy jo

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