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Bug#299268: Netwinder latest daily success

Christian Perrier wrote:
> > > Seemed to "hang" a bit at "Configuring the base system" before
> > > the "Debian Configuration" menus, some feedback would be nice, as these
> > > are very slow machines. Maybe a whirlygig would be appropriate...
> > 
> > This is a known problem with debootstrap, and really dpkg, which
> > doesn't supply the necessary details to display this information.
> > See
> >   #244563: Please make "Installing base packages" progress more granual
> A workaround would be rewriting the "Configuring the base system"
> message (in base-config) to something like "Configuring the base
> system. This may take a while...".
> Joey, comments ?
> (post-sarge, of course, because this require l10n updates)

post-sarge, Colin has a patch for debootstrap and base-config to make it
tell each package as it's setting it up.

see shy jo

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