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Re: Installing Woody on HP LC2000 NetRaid 1SI RAID 5

esuzanne@free.fr wrote:
> I looking for the driver and the procedure to be able to install the last
> release of the linux debian on a HP LC2000 with the NETRAID 1SI configure for 3
> hard disk in RAID5.
> Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi esuzanne

woody is some years old now.
This means it has often problems with "newer" hardware.

AFAIK Netraid is only supported in sarge not in woody.
sarge is the current "testing" distribution of debian.
Till end of this month there should be Release Candidate 3 out.
Currently is it planned to make this the new "stable" version ASAP.

So I would suggest sarge RC3 for your maschine.

If you can't wait, get a daily build of sarge and give it a try.


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