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Re: broken rc2 netboot -> when is rc3?

Quoting Ricky Ng-Adam (rngadam@yahoo.com):
> Hello!
> For ten days now, the top note on debian-installer has been:
> "Preparations for release candidate 3 break some rc2 images"
> Unluckily, I have a few workstations to install right in this timeframe
> and these changes seem to have broke PXE netboot and installs. We can
> only use a local repository mirror of testing and don't have enough
> space to mirror unstable, so I can't use the daily build.
> So I was wondering if someone had an ETA on when rc3 will be in testing
> so we can netboot and install with it?


netboot images are, IIRC:


Joey, indeed we probably need to be clearer, especially in this
testing time, about what should be tested. I must admit that I'm lost
myself..:-). So I hope I gave the correct answer above.

For instance, I always have to think whether I have to test the
sarg_d-i images or the sid_d-i. From the explanations you already gave
me dozens of times, I conclude that before releases, we have to test
the sarge_d-i as they're built with udebs from sarge. But, I suspect
that currently both sarge_d-i and sid_d-i are really close.

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