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producing Sarge install sloppies with a 2.6 kernel

I have been trying to install Debian Sarge on an old laptop of mine for
a while now, after mistakenly breaking the Debian stable that was
running well on it (=> no HW problems with that machine).

Debian-Installer fails and some investigation led me to think it would
work with a 2.6 kernel. Floppy install is pretty much my only option (no
CD drive, no USB, no netboot, ...)

If a good & experimented soul could spend the 5 minutes it should take
him/her to produce that(*) (saving me hours of research and work) and
give me the resulting file(s), I could confirm this solves my problem
and these new images could be uploaded sowhere official for other people
in my case to benefit from them. I would need the bare necessities, just
enough to use my PCMCIA Ethernet card to take over the installation.

(*) or maybe the step-by-step guide, by I guess actually making them
would be quicker for both of us.

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