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Re: freezing source packages that produce udebs

Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> I was waiting until iso-codes-0.44-1 was safely in testing / RC3 (I'm
> not sure how to tell: watching for the 0.41 udeb to drop out of the
> archive) before uploading  0.45 that fixes the RC bug. Is it Ok
> to upload now, or would you prefer not?

joey@dragon:~>madison -S iso-codes
iso-3166-udeb |     0.44-1 |       testing | all
iso-3166-udeb |     0.44-1 |      unstable | all
 iso-codes |     0.44-1 |       testing | source, all
 iso-codes |     0.44-1 |      unstable | source, all

Since it's synced you can change unstable again.

see shy jo

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