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freezing source packages that produce udebs

I've added packages to the base freeze that produce udebs in addition to
debs. This is to avoid propigation of udeb sources to testing if the d-i
release schedule does not allow the udeb to also propigate. As has
already happened in at least one case (cdebconf). I left off a few
packages that produce udebs that are not used, so these are the newly
frozen packages:

bogl brltty busybox-cvs cdebconf console-data dash devmapper dhcp dhcp3
discover1 discover1-data dmidecode e2fsprogs fribidi iso-codes jfsutils
libdebian-installer linux-ntfs lvm2 mdadm mii-diag module-init-tools
pcmcia-cs raidtools2 reiserfsprogs slang util-linux wireless-tools
xfsprogs network-console

Any updates to these packages (as well as a few others like glibc that
were already frozen) will need to be approved by the release team, in
consulaton with the d-i team.

see shy jo

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