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Re: rc3 status update

Frans Pop wrote:
> How should translations be handled here?
> For languages where updates have been done in both branches, merging 
> changes from trunk may result in conflicts (even if only in date fields).

I think the general principle should be that we want the sarge branch to
match the sources in sarge, so the changes from trunk should win. OTOH,
if there is a change in sarge that was somehow committed only there and
is significant, need to take care not to lose it.

> Also, for languages that use integrated PO files, a merge from trunk could 
> be undone by the next l10n-sync run from bubulle's scripts.
> Maybe the best thing would be to disable l10n sync for the Sarge branch 
> until this release has been properly tagged and to just copy the correct 
> revision of all po files from trunk over the ones currently in the Sarge 
> branch?

Unsure what to do here. Bubulle?

see shy jo

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