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A suggestion for the way of Debain rescue

I'm not in any mailing list of debian, and I don't know where to go when I feel having something about debian to say. Okay, here goes and hope this message will go to where it's expected to.

I used redhat before and changed to debian in recent years. And debian is simply great if a networking connection is always available out there. But I don't feel the way with the debian rescue.

When using debian rescue CD, like this: rescue root=/dev/sda2, the root partition must be indicated and mounted. It is okay if the partition is not so damaged, but sometimes you just can't got it for that the damaged part of files are very crucial for booting. So it'd be better just booting with CD itself and keeping the partition intact before mounted. I remember there's one early version of redhat doing that but not sure whether this feature is retained to date.

Or you might say that just use a Live-CD like knoppix to do this. Yes, yes, it works for that. But this is not the point. That's what a rescue CD is supposed to do with, isn't it?

And please take my thanks to all debian developers for their great works.

Kevin Wang

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