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Re: preparing sarge branch installer/ for rc3

Joey Hess wrote:
> I just want to remind people that there are only a few days for final
> review of this -- and I've had no replies yet. In particular, I'd
> appreciate hearing from ths, tbm and kamion.
> > debian-installer (20050120) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
> > 
> >   * Thiemo Seufer
> >     - Do an e2fsck for the extra floppy images.
> >     - Handle sparse files in cramfs images more efficiently.
> >     - Use cramfs images for mips/r4k-ip22 and mips/r5k-ip22.
> >     - Add cramfsprogs build-dep for mips.

Those changes are ok for sarge. (The cramfs change is needed to keep
RAM requirements below the lowmem limit.)


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