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Re: preparing sarge branch installer/ for rc3

I just want to remind people that there are only a few days for final
review of this -- and I've had no replies yet. In particular, I'd
appreciate hearing from ths, tbm and kamion.

Joey Hess wrote:
> We need to have a debian-installer package ready to release by March
> 2nd, according to the timeline. This means merging a lot of changes to
> installer/ from trunk back to the sarge branch.
> For the manual, we'll just merge all the changes back to sarge; fjp will
> be taking care of that. So I'm working on the other two subdirectories
> of installer/; build/ and debian/.
> The diff is fairly huge, a lot of files moved and more were added. So I
> think a better way than going through the entire history of changes
> since rc2 is to just take trunk's version of installer/ and back out any
> changes we do not want to put in sarge. I've now set this up on the
> sarge branch, and backed out some of my changes.
> The following is the changelog as it now stands; please look over your
> changes and decide if they are suitable for sarge, if not, back them out
> of the sarge branch.
> debian-installer (20050120) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
>   * Thiemo Seufer
>     - Do an e2fsck for the extra floppy images.
>     - Handle sparse files in cramfs images more efficiently.
>     - Use cramfs images for mips/r4k-ip22 and mips/r5k-ip22.
>     - Add cramfsprogs build-dep for mips.
>   * Colin Watson
>     - Add acpi-modules to the amd64 cdrom, hd-media, monolithic, and netboot
>       initrds, so that rootskel can turn the fan on.
>     - Use dependency resolution for ide-modules, nic-modules,
>       pcmcia-storage-modules, scsi-common-modules, scsi-modules, and
>       usb-storage-modules on powerpc, and remove several modules from
>       powerpc-extra-modules that only belong on certain images. This removes
>       cdrom-core-modules and fs-common-modules from netboot images, and adds
>       parport-modules to apus/cdrom (I think it was missing by mistake).
>     - Add support for kernel-specific pkg-lists entries: use lines like
>       "package [2.2 2.4]" or "package * [2.6]". Should eventually form a
>       simpler replacement for the kernel_specific directory.
>     - Include initrd.list on amd64/i386 images.
>     - Add hd-media image for powerpc, including a boot.img.gz designed for
>       use on USB sticks.
>     - Document USB booting on powerpc. This involved splitting out the
>       documentation for USB booting on i386 a bit.
>     - Since power3 and power4 no longer build images with the 2.4 kernel,
>       remove their KERNELVERSION_2.4 variables and kernel-build-2.4*
>       build-dependencies.
>     - Switch libparted1.6-0 build-dependency to libparted1.6-12.
>     - Fix support for multiple words in KERNELVERSION.
>   * Christian Perrier
>     - Add the list of needed characters for Belarussian
>     - Add the list of needed characters for Esperanto
>   * Martin Michlmayr
>     - Switch Cobalt to use the new-style initrd parameter rd_start and
>       rd_size.
>   * Stephen R. Marenka
>     - Add m68k/amiga startup scripts with thanks to and the permission of
>       Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org>.
>   * Frans Pop
>     - Implement new-generation build scripts for sarge branch.
>     - Make kernel-version for sparc64 ide-modules variable by using an
>       #include rather than the full module name.
>     - Add gawk and poxml build dependencies (required for the manual)
>   * Joshua Kwan
>     - Change sparc kernels to use 2.6.8-2 udebs.
>   * Joey Hess
>     - Add new usb-modules to sparc64 images to support usb keyboard on sun
>       blades.
>     - Move all utilities in build/ into build/util/, except daily-build,
>       which is hardcoded in many cron jobs.
>     - Fix two cases where the pkg-lists dependency checker printed warnings
>       about dependencies that were actually ok.
>     - Manual correction re debconf/priority.
>     - Don't fail to build if sources.list has a cdrom entry in it
>       (don't try to use the cdrom as a udeb source, either).
>     - Switch i386, ia64, alpha, hppa, and s390 to use the -2 kernel abiname.
>     - Add text frontend to alpha netboot image for general old-timey keenness.
>     - Dropped hppa 2.4 images.
>     - Removed various things from the hppa 2.6 netboot initrd to make
>       it small enough to work again.
>     - Add cdrom-modules to hppa cdrom initrd, this is a new package as of the
>       -2 kernel.
>     - Add socket-modules to all hppa initrds, also newly modularised.
>   * Bdale Garbee
>     - hppa 2.6 cdrom initrd needs more modules
>   * Kurt Roeckx
>     - Remove unused config files for amd64.
>     - Update kernel version for amd64 to 2.6.8-10
>     - Update netboot and monolithic config files for amd64 to match i386.
> -- 
> see shy jo

see shy jo

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