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Bug#266472: graphical problem? - radeonfb or hardware problem

On Wednesday, 23 de February de 2005 12:06, Jesus Roncero wrote:
> Hi all
> I own an ibook G3 800MHz combo and have been experiencing problems lately.
> Here is a summary of the events:
> I got my logic board changed through the logic board extension program .I
> took my ibook to repair because I had the backlight problem and they also
> changed the logic board :-$

Well, I have solved this problem applying the patch at [1] to a 2.6.9 vanilla 
kernel. But now, the machine doesn't wake up properly. It hungs. I need to 
study it a little bit. 

Having read #270743 too, I have to say that I believe this is not a hardware 
problem. I got my ibook back from repair and everything worked perfectly, 
linux, suspend, all of it. I booted Mac OS X and it loaded a OS update from 
apple. After _it_, linux didn't booted into X. So my guess is that apple did 
install some kind of firmware update incompatible with the radeon drive. 
Could this be? Because I find it difficult to believe that, after having my 
ibook working flawlessly for 2 or 3 days since I got it back, booting into OS 
X, and rebooting into linux without even moving the machine from the desk 
could result in a hardware failure on any kind. It looks weird anyway. Any 
insight on this?

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=266472

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