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preseeding defaults


I would like to suggest an enhancement to preseed for post-sarge.
I am more than willing to add this myself, but I wanted to air
the idea and see if it floats or has already been shot down.

The way I understand preseed is that it allows you to set the
answer for questions that are asked during the course of an
install. Essentially the answer for debconf questions are provided
in advance.

My idea is to also provide a mechanism to set the default answer,
as well as just answering the question. This could be used
in situations where you actually do want the user to answer a question,
but you would like to guide them by setting the default to something
other than the default provided by the installer.

An example.

In stage two as aprt of time configuration there is a question
about setting the hwclock to GMT. I personally think this is a good
idea and would like it to be the default for my users, as opposed
to the default of the istaller which is no. However, I do not
want to answer the question for the user - actually I did that,
but I got some negative feedback and had to stop.

There are probably better examples, but that is one that
I have actually come up against, and is probably a bit more
solid than anything I might contrive off the top of my head.


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