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preparing sarge branch installer/ for rc3

We need to have a debian-installer package ready to release by March
2nd, according to the timeline. This means merging a lot of changes to
installer/ from trunk back to the sarge branch.

For the manual, we'll just merge all the changes back to sarge; fjp will
be taking care of that. So I'm working on the other two subdirectories
of installer/; build/ and debian/.

The diff is fairly huge, a lot of files moved and more were added. So I
think a better way than going through the entire history of changes
since rc2 is to just take trunk's version of installer/ and back out any
changes we do not want to put in sarge. I've now set this up on the
sarge branch, and backed out some of my changes.

The following is the changelog as it now stands; please look over your
changes and decide if they are suitable for sarge, if not, back them out
of the sarge branch.

debian-installer (20050120) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * Thiemo Seufer
    - Do an e2fsck for the extra floppy images.
    - Handle sparse files in cramfs images more efficiently.
    - Use cramfs images for mips/r4k-ip22 and mips/r5k-ip22.
    - Add cramfsprogs build-dep for mips.
  * Colin Watson
    - Add acpi-modules to the amd64 cdrom, hd-media, monolithic, and netboot
      initrds, so that rootskel can turn the fan on.
    - Use dependency resolution for ide-modules, nic-modules,
      pcmcia-storage-modules, scsi-common-modules, scsi-modules, and
      usb-storage-modules on powerpc, and remove several modules from
      powerpc-extra-modules that only belong on certain images. This removes
      cdrom-core-modules and fs-common-modules from netboot images, and adds
      parport-modules to apus/cdrom (I think it was missing by mistake).
    - Add support for kernel-specific pkg-lists entries: use lines like
      "package [2.2 2.4]" or "package * [2.6]". Should eventually form a
      simpler replacement for the kernel_specific directory.
    - Include initrd.list on amd64/i386 images.
    - Add hd-media image for powerpc, including a boot.img.gz designed for
      use on USB sticks.
    - Document USB booting on powerpc. This involved splitting out the
      documentation for USB booting on i386 a bit.
    - Since power3 and power4 no longer build images with the 2.4 kernel,
      remove their KERNELVERSION_2.4 variables and kernel-build-2.4*
    - Switch libparted1.6-0 build-dependency to libparted1.6-12.
    - Fix support for multiple words in KERNELVERSION.
  * Christian Perrier
    - Add the list of needed characters for Belarussian
    - Add the list of needed characters for Esperanto
  * Martin Michlmayr
    - Switch Cobalt to use the new-style initrd parameter rd_start and
  * Stephen R. Marenka
    - Add m68k/amiga startup scripts with thanks to and the permission of
      Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org>.
  * Frans Pop
    - Implement new-generation build scripts for sarge branch.
    - Make kernel-version for sparc64 ide-modules variable by using an
      #include rather than the full module name.
    - Add gawk and poxml build dependencies (required for the manual)
  * Joshua Kwan
    - Change sparc kernels to use 2.6.8-2 udebs.
  * Joey Hess
    - Add new usb-modules to sparc64 images to support usb keyboard on sun
    - Move all utilities in build/ into build/util/, except daily-build,
      which is hardcoded in many cron jobs.
    - Fix two cases where the pkg-lists dependency checker printed warnings
      about dependencies that were actually ok.
    - Manual correction re debconf/priority.
    - Don't fail to build if sources.list has a cdrom entry in it
      (don't try to use the cdrom as a udeb source, either).
    - Switch i386, ia64, alpha, hppa, and s390 to use the -2 kernel abiname.
    - Add text frontend to alpha netboot image for general old-timey keenness.
    - Dropped hppa 2.4 images.
    - Removed various things from the hppa 2.6 netboot initrd to make
      it small enough to work again.
    - Add cdrom-modules to hppa cdrom initrd, this is a new package as of the
      -2 kernel.
    - Add socket-modules to all hppa initrds, also newly modularised.
  * Bdale Garbee
    - hppa 2.6 cdrom initrd needs more modules
  * Kurt Roeckx
    - Remove unused config files for amd64.
    - Update kernel version for amd64 to 2.6.8-10
    - Update netboot and monolithic config files for amd64 to match i386.

see shy jo

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