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Re: sarge netinst can fill up /v/cache/apt

Jeff Green <jbgreen@frontiernet.net> writes:

> Just a note to let developers know of my experience in doing the
> netinst install (repeatedly, i.e. twice) filled up
> /var/cache/apt/"something" causing the install to hang in such a way
> that I had to go back to the very beginning of the install and do it
> all over again. Got around it by moving that area to the larger /usr
> partition and putting in a symlink to it. The install at least went to
> the point that most got installed and configured. (XF86Config probs
> now.)

That sounds like you are past the base installation from CD and the
reboot and doing the system installtion with some extra tasks (like X)
selected. At that point apt is being used which already does space
checking before downloading.

What isn't checked is the size required to install packages. So if you
are real close to the limit the downloading might fit but unpacking
uses some more space in /var and runs out of room. Could that be the case?


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